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We realize that the Holidays are special time each year for everyone.   Family, Friends & Good Food are just a few ingredients that make up this perfect day.  You provide the Family & Friends and leave the good FOOD up to us!  We offer a Complete Dinner or just the fill in dish that you promised to bring - and of COURSE - we will Deliver it to you.  This will allow you to free up your time so you can spend it with your Family  -   not shopping & cooking!

Complete Thanksgiving Dinner   Serves  10 to 12               $139.95

12 # Roasted Turkey
Homemade Mashed Potato's & Gravy
Choice of either Traditional or Cornbread Stuffing
Cheddar Cheese Green Bean Casserole
Choice of One Dessert ... Listed Below
Dinner Rolls

Grocery Store ADVERTISED QUANTITIES ARE BASED ON 16 oz  or 1 pound sizes

16 oz or 1 pound servings sizes are equal a Large Soft Drink!  

Girlfriends Kitchen Catering offers 1/2 pan serving size .... A TRUE 10-12 PERSON PORTION SERVING

Prefer a Cajun Fried Turkey w/ your complete meal    add    $10.00

You see advertised from your local grocery - meal ranging between 50 & 60.00 - well they only provide quarts sizes of the side items an produced by a clerk in a grocery store - we prepare and cook each meal w/ your taste and request in mind - as if we were cooking for our own family -  and its delivered!  No Shopping, No Chopping - No Cooking  - but the dishes are UP to YOU!

Al Carte  Side Items                                    1/2 pan                  Full Pan  

Roasted Turkey               $35.99

Cajun Fried Turkey         $45.95

Citrus Glazed Ham (not sprial but sliced)                    35.00                     75.00

** IF you would like your Turkey Carved (pre-sliced) additional $5.00 fee

Pecan Crusted Sweet Potato Casserole    $25.00                  $55.00
(this is so good - you will think your eating dessert)

Shrimp & Mirlton Dressing                            $45.00                   $95.00       You won't believe how awesome this dish is until you put a big bite in your mouth!!!!  Sauteed Shrimp & Mirlton, Ham chunks, of course Nawlins Trinity, Parmesan Cheese -mixed together in a delicious stuffing base - its truly a meal within itself!

Oyster Dressing                                              $45.00                   $95.00             Fresh Louisiana Oysters, shallots sauteed in real butter, seasoned ground sausage added to a stuffing base andbaked to perfection topped w/ a crusted bread crumb crust.


Traditional Stuffing                                         $25.00                   $55.00          

Cornbread Stuffing                                         $25.00                  $55.00   

Homemade Mashed Potatoes                      $25.00                   $45.00

Green Bean Casserole                                   $25.00                    $45.00

Fresh Snap Beans & Cajun Potatos             $25.00                    $45.00

Broccoli/Cheese & Rice Casserole             $25.00                     $45.00

Nawlins Cajun Dirty Rice                               $25.00                     $55.00 

Desserts                                                          1/2 pan                     Full Pan

Peach or Apple Cobbler                                 $30.00                      $55.00

Pecan & Praline Bread Pudding                   $30.00                       $55.00

Chocolate (to die for) Picnic Cake               $25.00                       $50.00

Cosmic Fruit Salad - fresh red & green apple, pineapples, mandrian oranges, cherries, pecans, marshmallows - in a fluffy pudding base - sinfully good!                                                     $25.00                      $55.00

(choice of one    1/2 pan size dessert goes with the COMPLETE DINNER)

 Thanksgiving Ordering Deadline is  Thursday 11-16-17