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We are PROUD to have been elected as the "2010 MEMBER OF THE YEAR" for the East St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce!   The East St. Tammmany Chamber was awarded "Chamber of the YEAR for 2010" for the entire Nation!   So - I guess that makes OUR Catering Service the MEMBER OF THE YEAR TO THE CHAMBER OF THE YEAR!    Very Humbled to be a part of such a Great Community!

***PLEASE NOTE:  Some of our Seafood Dishes may be charged a SLIGHT INCREASE WHEN ORDERING...DUE TO THE OUTRAGOUS MARKET PRICES THAT THE INDUSTRY IS EXPERICING...We can discuss this at the time you place your order (some items will not be well)       We strive to do our VERY BEST to provide you with the BEST, FRESHEST & DELICIOUS DISHES - AT THE VERY BEST PRICE!  


During the past Few Years - we have been honored to cater some very important events.  Although we are grateful to have been a part of some high profile events - we consider the ones that don't make the newpaper just as important.  We have the same dedication in preparing for your Wedding, Birthdays, Office Luncheons, School & Church Gatherings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers -they too are just as important to us.  So Thank You for your confidence and for enjoying our food and professional services.


Our Schedule is often CRAZY...We cater every Wednesday for 400 + breakfast and if you call the Office Phone Number and get the answering Machine - please leave us a message we will call YOU back -  but,  the Cell number provided on the Contact page is ALWAYS can reach us on that number also. 

 I am HONORED to be a MOM to one of the US ARMY'S INFANTRY SOLDIER...God Bless all of our Military Men & Women...Keep them in your prayers - always! 

One of the most thrilling events we have participated in- was to be a part of:                           

                            THE FOOD NETWORK    

  TAILGATE WARRIORS W/ GUY FIERI  AT THE LOUISIANA SUPERDOME  (2010)         We were part of the filming during the NFL opening day events - Saints season opener against the Vikings -  and of course we WON!