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There are many times and reasons one would want to dive into one of these Old time Favorites - whether its sending a Meal to Friend or Family or you just don't feel like cooking yourself - thats what we are here for - and OF COURSE WE COOK IT AND DELIVER IT!

                                                                         1/2 pan                     Full Pan

3 Cheese & Meat Lasagna                           $30.00                       $65.00        Traditionally layered Lasagna - 3 Layers & 3 Cheeses - Cheddar, Ricotta, Mozzerala tops each layer of seasoned ground chuck and fresh Italian Red Sauce baked to perfection and rested before slicing - I've been told I'm the lasagna queen :)     1/2 pan = 9 to 12 slices    full pan = 18 to 21 slices

SWeddish Meatballs & Noodles                    $30.00                     $65.00         Rich in flavor - Hand rolled sweddish meatballs in a creamy blended light brown gravy over Egg Noodles ....Not directly from Swedin - but close your eyes and you think your in heaven!         

Mr. Pete's Italian Meatballs &Spaghetti      $30.00                    $65.00          Mr. Pete is not one of MY Girlfriends - he is the most amazing Italian Cook I know ... He taught me the seceret ingredients for these amazing, airy, tender, Italian bites of Heaven...accompanied with a perfectly blended red gravy over thin spaghetti....TRUE Italian COMFORT FOOD!       

Southern Style Meatloaf                               $30.00                       $65.00       Only Ground Chuck is used in this recipe!  Mixed well with sauteed onions, rotel, garlic, fresh bread crumbs, baked and topped off with our delicious red gravy - we will cut the slices as you wish - thick or thin - you tell us.

NAWLIN RED BEANS AND RICE                     $30.00                       $50.00             If I had to pick one TRADITIONAL NAWLINS Dish I think we do better than ANYONE - THIS IS IT!  Our Beans are cooked down to tender before we add anything - to ensure the creamiest beans ever.  Added to the tender beans: smoked sausage and our ROUX - (can't tell ya that part - then you would be making these beans)  Serve with a separate pan of perfect rice - never sticky and lumpy!   Want to add a pan of Cornbread to go along with those beans                             $10.00                    $18.00

Butter Beans and Rice                                  $30.00                       $50.00            If you not from these parts you might call the White Beans - either way there good!  We follow the same steps as the Red Beans - except we use tender hunks of Ham to season up these beans - along with real butter and our Roux - and same goes for the cornbread - add it if you want!                          

Sheppard's Pie                                                $25.00                       $50.00         Such a weird name for a dish that is the TRUE Meaning for comfort food.  We season ground chuck (seasonings are our secret) layer it in a pan topped with a layer of Pepper Jack Cheese then topped it with our stiff buttermilk Mashed Potatoes baked it up and top it off with Cheddar Cheese  - it will knock your socks off - simple and good!

Au Gratin Potatoes                                         $25.00                       $50.00         Diced tender Russet Potatoes blended in a creamy white sauce with lots of cheddar cheese baked till tender and the cheese on top has the perfect crust!  This is a great dish to bring to a get together - it will be liked by all.

Garlic Smashed Potatos                                $25.00                       $50.00            Cajun Seasoned Baby Reds cooked slowly to perfection - our blend of garlic, "secect seasonings" , shallots, REAL BUTTER -only / smashed and whipped up to the best potato ever -  You will never want a baked potato again - after trying these!