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Doesn't matter if it's a creamy pasta salad or a deluxe garden salad - a great salad is only made with the freshest ingredients and love!!

Our Salads are sold by the 1/2 pan and Full Pan sizes.  By now, you wondering what that serves - so here is our "girlfriend way of putting it" 

Full Pan (Hotel Pan) of most Garden Salads serves : 22-25

Full Pan of Most Pasta & Creamy Salads serve 25-30   (1/2 pan = 1/2 less in servings.

Garden Salads  (come with assorted Ranch, 1000, and Italian Dressings)

                                                                 1/2 Pan         Full Pan

Grilled Chicken Citrus Salad                                 $25.00          $55.00            Grilled Chicken resting on a Bed of Romaine w/Fresh Strawberries, Mandrian Oranges, Cheddar Cheese & Pecans w/ House Dressing         

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad                                $25.00         $55.00           Grilled Chicken Breast atop a bed of Romaine w/ Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese, Croutons & Creamy Caesar Dressings            

Grilled or Boiled Shrimp Caesar Salad                 $30.00        $60.00           Large 40/50 Shrimp are Seasoned and cooked perfectly to rest atop a fresh bed of Romaine Lettuce w/ Grated Parmesan Cheese, Croutons & Caesar Dressing.

Italian Muffalatta  Salad                                        $25.00         $55.00           Ham, Salami, Pepperonni's, Feta, Mozzeralla, Provolone, Parmesan Cheese & Olive Salad  atop a bed of Romaine Lettuce w/ Italian dressing provide on the side.      

Old Fashion Chef Salad                                          $25.00        $55.00           Strips of Honey Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast, Cajun Roast Beef, Hormel Bacon Crumbles, Diced Tomato, American Cheese & Cheddar Cheese, Boiled Egg Slices, Croutons, and assorted Ranch, Italian or 1000 Island Dressing

Traditional Garden Salad                                        $20.00        $35.00           Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, Boiled Egg Rings, Bacon Crumbles & Croutons

Pasta Salads and MORE!

Boiled Shrimp Pasta Salad                                      $30.00         $65.00               Twist Pasta accompanied by Seasoned Boiled Shrimp (peeled of course) mixed together with the perfect blend of Ranch & Caesar Dressings w/ green onion, bacon crumbles, feta cheese - served cold over a bed of Romaine.  Extra dressing on the side available - you won't want it -this is the perfect salad!

"Our" Pasta Salad (traditional favorite)                 $20.00       $45.00           Twist Pasta, Lots of Hard Boiled Eggs, Diced Celery & Green Onion blened with a Mayo & (lite) Mustard base - seasoned with our creole flair!         

"Girlfriends"  CAJUN Potato Salad                          $25.00       $55.00           Cajun Boiled Baby Red Potato's, hard boiled eggs, diced celery & green onion mixed together w/ a mayo & mustard blend - to make a perfect (not too chunky) creamy deliciousness - this is our Number one Seller - ask us for references :)  

Sweet Creamy Cole Slaw                                         $20.00       $35.00         Green & Purple Cabbage w/ shredded carrots, sugar, lite vingar, real mayo creamed together.

Muffalatta Pasta Salad                                              $25.00       $50.00           Real Italian Olive Salad, Ham, Salami, Pepperonni, Provolone, Mozzeralla & Parmesan Cheeses, Trio-Twist Pasta blended with both Creamy & House Italian Dressings


Soups and Gumbos are sold in FULL PAN SIZE ONLY

Seafood Prices are subject to SEASONAL Market  Pricing....

Homemade Veggie Beef Soup                                                      $65.00        Tender Beef, Baby Red Potatos, Carrots, Celery, GreenBeans, Corn, Rotel, simmered in the perfect stock till everything is married & yummy!  

Cabbage & Ham Soup       $65.00   Loaded up with Cabbage, carrots, Potatoes, HAM in a delish  veggie broth..... HEARTY & good!

Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup    $65.00    Think of a delish Stuffed Bell Pepper.... Seasoned Ground meat, smoked sausage, rice, Bell Peppers.... Red, Yellow & Green in bite size pieces in a delish red gravy & beefy base soup!       

Creamy Baked Potato Soup                                                          $50.00            A cheesey blend of Baked Potato's, heavy cream, cheddar cheese, bacon crumbles, chives, cracked black pepper. I'ts a sinfully good comforting soup! 

Shrimp & Corn Bisque                                                                     $75.00  Sauteed & seasoned Shrimp and fresh steamed corn in a well seasoned & blended Cream and Cheese base - simmering and waiting for you to call & enjoy.

Broccoli & Cheddar Soup                                                                $50.00   Broccoli Crowns, Sauteed white onions, Lots of CHEESE, in a cream base topped off with bacon crumbles - my goodness - delicious & filling!

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo                                                             $65.00            Tender chicken, smoked sausage, fresh okra (cooked-off first), in a delicious cajun rouge & cajun trinity - served w/ a side pan of rice -of course!

Seafood Gumbo                                                                                  $75.00               Only fresh Louisiana Seafood is used in OUR GUMBO! We follow the same receipe as the chicken sausage - but elimate the chicken & add LOTS of fresh Shrimp.

Creamy Favorable Southern Grits....complete with REAL Butter and Cheddar Cheese in a separate pan the Delicious Creamy Shrimp Sauce ...nothing short of Heaven! Promise!!

1/2 Pan      $40.00        Large Pan $75.00