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Our popular party trays and appetizers are perfect for any event - showers, tailgating - or just add to any menu - Weddings, Bonko or Pokeno Parties.  We are Picky about our Trays - and I'm sure our trays will be both eye pleasing as delicious with our attention to detail and the perfect girlfriend's touch!

Finger Sandwich Trays                        (large = 100   small = 50)

Assorted Salads & Deli Meat                       $50.00              $25.00             

Assorted Deli Meat                                         $55.00             $30.00                 

Assorted Salad                                                $55.00             $30.00 

                                                                                                                             Salads consist of: "OUR"  Delicious Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad and Egg Salad       

Deli Meat consist of: Honey Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast & Cajun Roast Beef          

Combo Tray: All three Salads, Honey Ham & Smoked Turkey Breast 

Mini Croissant Trays                             all are LARGE TRAYS WITH 30 PCS

Chicken Salad (or combo of all salads)             $60.00                

Assorted Deli Meat                                                 $60.00                                                   A combo for Honey Ham, Smoked Turkey, Cajun Roast Beef -dressed up!                    

Muffalatta Croissants                                            $60.00                                                   Traditional Muffalatta all snuggled up in a Mini Croissant - you love this version - the bread is perfect!

French Bread Sandwiches                          (large = 45   small = 20)

Assorted Deli Meat (dressed)                        $55.00          $35.00         

Triple Decker CLUB Party Sandwiches         $65.00            $35.00                      Combo of Honey Ham, Smoked Turkey, Cajun Roast Beef, Hormel Bacon  w/ American & Swiss Cheese all piled high - then dressed up!

Fruit, Cheese & Veggie Trays                     Large         Small

Fresh Fruit (only freshest selected)          $45.00       $30.00                       

Fresh Fruit & Cheese  Tray                           $45.00       $30.00                       

Veggie  Tray w/ Dipping Sauce                    $40.00       $25.00                    

Veggie & Cheese Tray (w/dipping sauce)  $45.00       $30.00      

Assorted Cheese & Cracker Tray                  $48.00       $25.00

Baked Brie w/ Carmel Apple topping           $68.00       $35.00



Small Tray -     1 to 2 choices                         $40.00          

Large Tray up to 2 choices                              $79.00

Choices for Finger Food Appetizer Trays are: 

 Mini Crab Cakes, Stuffed Mushrooms, Baby Quiches, Broccoli Cheddar Balls, Boudin Balls, Gator Bites, Crawfish or Meat Pies, Mini Cocktail Wieners, Pigs-n-Blanket, Artichoke Balls, Roast Beef Pinwheels

Baked Brie Tartlets topped with Blood Orange & Meyer Lemon Pepper Jelly,                      Crab Pillows, Boudin Poppers

Specialty Items: Beef, Chicken & Shrimp Shish-kabob's, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, are some of the high end appetizers we can provide! 
Muffalatta SKEWERS,  Chicken Salad Apple Rings, Cucumber Baguettes, Fresh Salmon Bites, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Fried Green Tomatoes

Let's discuss your needs and we can quote you on them  - Sit back and let  your girlfriends can make it happen!!!!

All Time FAVORITE Party Foods    (small)                          (large)

Deviled Eggs          Small (15-18)  $15.00    Large  (24- 28)  $25.00                          No funny stuffed in our Deviled Eggs - Just a great creamy center      

Seven Layer TACO Dip W/ Chips     $35.00                          $55.00                      Seasoned Taco Meat, Refried Beans, Cheddar Cheese, Salsa, Cheddar Cheese, Shredded Lettuce, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Green Onion & Black Olives

Spinach Artichoke Dip w/ Chips       $40.00                          $65.00                                  The perfect blend of Philly & Alfredo combined with Fresh Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Garlic, Parmesan Cheese and our special touches to make it the best you'll ever have - served with our own fried white seasoned tortilla chips

Cheese Queso w/ Chips                   $25.00                        $40.00                                Creamy Velvetta, Cheddar, Rotel Tomatoes, Heavy Cream melted together and served with our homemade Corn Tortilla Chips

Wings & Drummettes                        $35.00                        $75.00                                    Fried golden brown then tossed in your favorite sauce of your choice:  Honey BB-Q, Spicy Garlic or Widly Hot 

Homestlye Chicken Strips                 $25.00                            $55.00                    Battered and deep fried Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips comes with your choice of one dipping sauce choices: Ranch, BB-Q or Honey Mustard                

Celery & Ranch or Blue Cheese Tray  $6.00                           $12.00

Hand Rolled Meatballs                   $30.00                         $55.00

Italian w/ Red Gravy - Ground Chuck w/ Ground Italian Sausage, mixed in with chopped sauteed onions, OUR Italian Seasonings, Parmesan Cheese - baked tender perfect and drowned in our fresh Italian Red Gravy.    (This is my Italian P-Pa's Recipe - we would have to kill ya if we told the Seasoning Secret!)

Swedish Meatballs - Ground Chuck blended with the perfect combo of seasonings baked tender and added to the delicious pale creamy Swedish Gravy

Parmesan Alfredo  - Ground Chuck combined with fresh grated parmesan cheese, "OUR" Italian Seasoning, sauteed onions and fresh ground black pepper cooked in a Fresh Creamy Alfredo Sauce -  Makes a great & different appetizer!